Artvmap is a team of professionals and experts who have worked for some of the most important companies and institutions.

3D Artists, computer engineers, designers, event managers, video dj, musical groups, orchestras, actors and dancers.

Through Artvmap you will be able to organise your event that will enhance the location and your special event in a spectacular way. The final product will be a fantastic and unforgettable performance involving people and architecture.

The technology we have to offer is the best you can find on the world market with high luminosity projectors, lasers capable of creating designs and animation, computers with real time images and artists who will interact with the projections.

Artvmap does not only produce a great event of lights and sound but also highlights the history and the special features of the location.





Every single project is studied in order to produce the highest degree of extraordinary quality result.


Our mappings can also be active so that the participants can interact during the event. This is a touch of magic that always intrigues the public.


It’s up to us to make a full and feasible proposal which will be throughly examined by our specialists who will take into account all the aspects of the event.


VIDEOS mapping

Here are some examples of our productions:


the San Gimignano Lumiere was the biggest European video mapping event with 5 video mappings projected on the historical facades of the monuments, as well as live bands, dancers, jugglers, fire-eaters, storytellers, photographers and artists performing in real time.


The event that took place in Siena also included a video VJ set with the participation of the public and a live band playing during the show.


we provide the best services



Video mappings of architectural sites explain history through spectacular metamorphosis.



Lights and images highlight the location in a spectacular way.



Through their mobiles the public interacts with the show and becomes part of the event.


development AND SERVICE

Assistance and full development of the project is offered, including all the technical and logistical aspects of the event.


we are a bunch of creative people


Walter Buonfino

Art Director

Sabina Grasso

Team Manager

Sergio Troni

Senior Developer

He has worked for many TV networks creating high level visual products and TV shows.

As a visual artist he has produced works in all parts of the world becoming a great expert in new forms of communication.

As a visual artist he has produced works in all parts of the world becoming a great expert in new forms of communication.


Together with his team of experts our engineer has produced software and hardware products linking art with technology.



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ArtVmap s.r.l.


Our expertise will enable us to meet your requests. through our team of creative and technical professionals we shall examine the most interesting and successful solutions together in order to produce a glamorous communication campaign.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for proposals and ideas. ideas move the world, ideas help to develop our planet and make each one of us a better person.

Our Services

Animation C.G. Graphic


Architectural desig


Program software an engiegnering




Brand Promotion



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WBgraphic -advertising - Television

Throughout the years, thanks to our company called, we have worked in the television and publicity fields producing spots and animation for some of the most important Italian companies and networks. We developed our own new technology creating virtual actors which performed during live tv programs. we invented new characters in the animation and advertising world. WBgraphic is a partner of Artvmap for the animation in computer graphic programs.